Printing Press

An adaptive reuse of a former printing house in Ithaca, NY


Architecture   i   Development

Mixed Use Office, Event, Art Studio, Residence  


Design Architect:

Ben Rosenblum Studio


East State LLC, Ben Rosenblum

Architect of record:                

Phase 1: Jason K. Demarest Architecture, PhAse 2: Ben Rosenblum Studio

structural engineer:                

Taitem engineering


The renovation of this 8300-square-foot building, known as Printing Press, located at 416 East State Street in Ithaca, NY, into a multi-use space, was completed in the fall of 2017. Ben Rosenblum Studio was both the developer and the design architect of the project. The renovation includes an event space for the adjacent Argos Inn, office space, shared conference space, art studio space, and a residence. The design emphasizes details from the former industrial use, including polished concrete floors, exposed wood joists, steel railings, and industrial furniture. The renovation also includes energy-efficient air source heat pumps. 

The building is made up of several distinct volumes built at different times. The original wood-sided house was built in the late 1800s. In the 1940s and 50s, Roy H. Park, who later became a well-known media tycoon, purchased the property and built an industrial cinderblock addition, surrounding the original house. The addition was first home to Hines-Park Foods, a brand of packaged food products including the famous Duncan Hines Cake Mix, and later a print shop for several of Roy H. Park's publications.